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Making Healthy Easy!

Let VitaMed do your over-the-counter medicine searching for you. Find the best matches, at the best prices, and order right from your phone.

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Tap on your symptoms. 
We search the drugstore for you.

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Search Accurately

Find the right over the counter medications the first time with a search custom to you and your symptoms.

Save Money

Discover great everyday prices
on brand names and generics. Members enjoy special disocounts and sales.

Shop Smarter

Know your choices, and select the right product and avoid medications that won’t work for you all from your phone.

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VitaMed was created solely to solve the problem of quickly and easily matching your specific symptoms to correct over-the-counter product for you. Now you don't have to guess what product is best.

Why waste time searching the pharmacy aisles when VitaMed can for you!

Why You Need VitaMed

There are over 18,000 over-the-counter medications for sale in the US plus thousands of vitamins, supplements, and herbal products. Over-the-counter products help families and individuals meet their needs because they are affordable and convenient. Benefits of OTC's include:
-Easing symptoms like pain and itching
-Preventing or curing diseases such as tooth decay and athletes foot
-Managing re-occurring problems like migraine headaches and allergies

Many medicines are made for direct-to-consumer use, but many have been converted from prescription to over-the-counter. In the last few years, approximately 700 prescription drugs are now sold in full strength over the counter. 

So how do you know what to take? Do you read every label? Do you follow the advice of a friend or relative? Do you trust the cartoon character in advertisements on TV? 

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About Us

An App Created by Healthcare Professionals for Patients

Meet Dr. Jim Atkins and PA Lori Gonzales. Dr. Atkins has been practicing as an ENT Surgeon in South Texas for over 25 years. Lori is a Physician Assistant with over 15 years of experience. 

Over the years they noticed many patients either wasting money buying OTC medications they didn't need or wasting time coming to the office when the medicine they needed was over-the-counter.

Tired of seeing their patients taking the wrong OTC meds and not getting better, they decided to create VitaMed. Developed with their patients in mind, you can now get the right medicine, save money, and feel better too.


Our Mission

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To create an exceptional shopping experience by helping customers find exactly what they need conveniently.

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Core Values

We believe that your information belongs to you. We never share or sell your information. We promote sustainability in our workplace. We respect and embrace diveristy.

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Building a community of shoppers who can access products quickly and easily, saving them time and money.

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